If you are a guest at our casino, then you are in safe hands. We are not just about the big players, we are about every player. If you are a first-time visitor, and want to know where to check in, what your entertainment options are, what else you can do in Vegas other than playing at our resort, then we have a concierge who will guide you through the options available to you.

We don’t think that small complaints are trivial. If you have an issue, we will take care of it, and not only that we take it upon ourselves to make sure that all complaints are tackled such that it never repeats itself. Thanks to our well-formed feedback system and our well-trained staff, customer complaints are handled with utmost care and all standards are complied with.We are accessible at multiple platforms – email, telephone, social media. You don’t have to worry that we aren’t

Reachable or that we aren’t available at all to our customers, all you need to do is go to the bottom of this page and click on any of the icons to find out how to get in touch or directly post a message to us on any of our pages.Not only that, we also try to help out friends and relatives who are looking for a loved one. We realize that gambling addiction is dangerous and counterproductive for us as well as families, we make it our duty to ensure that people who do have

A problem are handed over to the concerned family members. WE don’t encourage any kind of addictions at our resorts. While people who gamble are a great source of business, we don’t want to be the establishment that breaks families. Come to our resort to have a good time, not to destroy your life. And if that is what’s happening, then we will make sure it doesn’t.Drop in, leave a line, call. We’re here to help.